The Best Casino Buffets in Las Vegas

The casino floor is a feast for the eyes and palate. Every second of the casino is a chance to experience something new, something delicious. What isn’t great about that? Everything is available to eat while you gamble. And what could be more fun than a casino buffet, where you can enjoy your food at the casino table in a relaxed environment while enjoying some of the best entertainment around?

While some people get their protein from a steady diet of steak, lobster and chicken, others look to restaurants and local eateries for their food source. There are many options out there when it comes to dining room buffets. With their limitless (and nearly endless) selections crisscrossing across hundreds of different culinary styles, Las Vegas casino buffet has earned a reputation as one of the most entertaining dining experiences you can find. Now, it s so easy to just go to a buffet and pick up any of the meat, seafood, or vegetable dishes you desire – sometimes even before you walk through the front door (although that option might be somewhat fewer and farther between). It is no wonder then, that dining room buffets are often one of the most popular options available at a casino.

But what exactly are they? How do you choose from among the dozens (and even hundreds) of dining room buffets? Let’s take a look at some of the more popular options out there today:

Wynn Las Vegas: This may not be strictly a buffet but it sure is a feast. Wynn’s local casinos offer a variety of buffets, both from the casino itself and from their on-site restaurants. The Cheesecake Factory is a staple in many of the upscale guestrooms, as are the Tres Leches BBQ & Restaurant. In keeping with the casino theme, many of these buffets offer special deals and other incentives for casino guests. These offers can include discounts on drinks or meals, as well as a chance to win casino slot machines.

Caesars Palace: If you aren’t already a fan of Caesars Palace, the chances are good that you’ll be once you dine at the restaurant. Created by the late Michael Kleinfeldt, the buffet is considered to be one of the best buffets in Las Vegas. Everything offered here is top-notch, with plenty of tasty meals, tasty cocktails, tasty desserts, delectable appetizers, and many other interesting treats to tempt your taste buds. Of course, the buffet isn’t without its controversy. Some people say that this is the best buffet in Las Vegas, but others (including the locals) claim that it is the worst buffet there is.

The L’Orient: L’Orient is perhaps the loveliest casino buffet you’ll find. The New York style buffet offers a variety of different foods that you can try, all prepared by some of the best chefs in Las Vegas. It is very popular with couples because it offers a more intimate setting than the average casino dining room. It also offers a more personal service from the staff, which is always a nice touch. The prices are very reasonable, as they should be.

Studio Five: The Studio B has become known for its amazing food and excellent service. This buffet specializes in award-winning seafood and Prime Rib, which are made from the freshest meats available. The service is top notch at Studio B as well, which means that you don’t have to worry about waiting on line. The shrimp cocktails and the prime rib are some of the best you’ll find anywhere.

Aladdin’s cave: This is another one of the all-time favorite buffets in Las Vegas, if not the very best. The all-you-can-eat buffet allows you to sample all types of Asian cuisine, including Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Mexican dishes. There are also a variety of International cuisine dishes on the menu, which is always a plus. You can order your food up and take it home to enjoy while you play card games all night.

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