Frequently Asked Questions of Fish Shooting Game

frequently asked questions about fish table games

1. Why Do Players Always Lose When Playing Fish Shooting Game? 

Most players of fish shooting games will enjoy the promotion within the first 7-10 days and you will easily win during this period. However, after the promotion period has expired, the house edge will gradually regain its position and they will start to win. Many house edges use this strategy to attract players and ensure that this period of time will not make them lose a lot of money.  The promotion period will depend on the number of players, sometimes it will last more than 10 days if the number of players is crowded. According to the statistics of Cashbet247 , this time will be stopped if the player reaches 100,000 coins in the first few days.

2. Why Is The Payout Percentage For Fish Shooting Games Higher Than 100%?

The usual payout odds of the fish shooting game is around 98.5%, so if your payment is above 100%, please follow stage below:

– Check all payments less than 98%, other payments, total account and check total account profit or loss. 

– Confirm you have changed the level of play in the past or not. According to the experienced players at Cashbet247, the last level is the most unstable level, you will probably be affected quite a lot and uncontrollably during the game. Therefore, changing the difficulty level frequently is not recommended. Most house edges usually allow players to change the difficulty level within 1 month.

– Many players wonder whether fish shooting game machines are allowed to win too much in the last few days or not? The answer would be that most machines have a payout ratio of 98.5%, so you will lose some money if it has won many times in the past.

– Participation rates are also an answer to this question. If there are 2-4 players at 6P and 8P, the performance of 6p will be greater than 8P.

3. What Is The Effect Of Decoder?

The decoder is one of the most important parts in a fish shooting game. The first decoder belongs to the operators. In each fish fable online, the game room will provide the machine and the operator will keep the decoder. This is a combination of 2 elements.

The operator will set the decoding time on the machine, after the fish game machine runs out of time, it will stop. At this point, the operator will receive the parameters from the game room, then set this information to the decode, the decoder continues to release the code to the game room to continue the installation on the machine. Then the machine starts up normally. In this way, both the operator and the game room can obtain and share information from the fish machines easily.

The operators can use the decoder in the form of a message to request the game room to send its share. At this point, the decoder works as a changing game settings. Therefore, it plays a big role in changing the main settings.

4. Can I Update The Old Fish Shooting Machines To A New One? 

Yes. However, it seems too difficult for you when some need to exchange a new PC and IO board or change the cables. Therefore, if you want to update and upgrade from the old fish shooting machines to new one, you can contact us for assistance. 

5. Is The IGS Fishing Game A Different Version?

Yes. But not all of the versions. Although there is a little difference, most fish shooting machines in the Chinese market are similar and the copied versions may be 95% identical to the original. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish between the two versions. 


Above are popular frequently asked questions about fish table games. If you have any questions or problems, contact us to find your answers. Good luck! 

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