Use Fish Game Strategies That You Cannot Miss While Playing Online Fish Talbe Game

Fish Game Strategies

Have you played online fish game many times but never earn a profit? And you want to know how to win money at fish tables to apply in your next fish table gambling game online real money. Luckily, this post will give you some useful fish game strategies that you can completely trust and use whenever you enjoy online fish table games. 

Thus, do you want to change your gameplay in every game of your next fish game? If your answer is yes, then follow the fish game strategies below.

Choose A Game That You Are Prefer To Play

Do you agree that among the hundreds of fish table gambling game online real money USA, choosing a game to play has a lot of difficulties? Every game is advertised with beautiful words, yet when you’re playing, you’re bored. The reason may be that the reward of your chosen game is not attractive enough for you to enjoy. Moreover, you are not patient enough to try all the games.

Therefore, before choosing any fish table gambling game online real money, you should refer to experiences from your friends or some comments, feedback from other players who have tried that fish game. Thanks to that, you will get better knowledge about that fish game such as the interface, sound, promotions, prizes, and so on. Then you can choose again whether you should play that fish game or not. 

Choose A Room To Play

Each fish table gambling game online real money has 3 separate playrooms that are from low to high levels. Based on your experiences, skills, and preference, you should choose a room that is suitable for you most. The first and second rooms are for new and inexperienced players while the third room is for those who have a lot of points, lots of gold, and lots of experience.

As mentioned above, you need to consider who you are in the ranks above to choose a suitable room. You should not choose a high-level room if you do not have enough ability and confidence to get a win. Stubbornness only makes you lose more money.

Observe The Speed Of Movements Of The Fish

The next fish game strategy is to observe and follow the speed of movements of the fish. Many players ignore this strategy when playing fish table gambling games online real money. Commonly, right after logging into the game, you will activate bullets, choose the betting level, and then click continuously the gun on the screen to catch the fish you want. However, you do not recognize that although the fish appear on the screen at the same time, all the speed of the fish is not the same.

Commonly, the smaller fish move slower than the average fish. The fish which move slowly will make it easier for you to shoot while the fish which move fast will make you shoot a missed target and you have to shoot over and over again that is very time-consuming.

However, this fish strategy does not apply to huge bonuses such as sharks because with such bosses, you need to take a lot of bullets each shoot to defeat it.

This situation happened regularly during the game, regardless of the fish season or the big fish party.

Aim On Extra Bonus Targets

The additional bonus targets are dice bubbles, iridescent fish, pearls, and so on. Although they appear few, it is easy to shoot down every time. Therefore, every time you see them across the screen, you can focus on shooting it. The chance for you to hit them is usually 90%.

Because the path of the extra bonus targets is long and the movement speed is slow, the hitting possibility will also increase and you can disassemble them easily. In addition, the rewards that you will earn are not the normal number of points. You will receive 2 or up to 6 times higher. Therefore, you should not only pay attention to the fish but also need to pay attention to the additional bonus targets when playing shooting fish.

Do Not Aim At Hidden Fish

In fish table gambling game online real money USA, you will see fish hiding under the moss or rocks. According to the rules of the game, when you defeat a fish, the amount of reward you receive will increase from 20% to 30% of the original reward. Because of the attractive prize, many players try to catch that fish. One thing they forget is that those fish are very difficult to catch and they have a very low hit rate. Therefore, the persistence of hitting them only makes you waste bullets. Besides that, even when you can shoot that fish, it is not likely capital recovery.

You should only shoot that fish when you have enough the following three conditions. First, the fish expose two-thirds of the body when they are hiding in the rocks and moss. Second, the fish have slow swimming speed. Last, the screen has a little fish.


These fish strategies are not too difficult to implement. On the contrary, it is quite easy so you should apply them when playing fish table gambling game online real money. They will help you quickly conquer the game and get the number of bonus points you desire.

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